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World leader in anodized aluminum finishes

Fully integrated manufacturer of beautiful metal & plastic parts, producing millions of parts per day.

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Our History

50+ years of history

Seidel Group was established in 2019 from the merger of five companies, each with different backgrounds and specialties. We combined our capabilities in order to perform every part of the aluminum parts manufacturing process: from raw sheets of aluminum to final decorated products. With over 180,000 sq ft of manufacturing and development we have streamlined the process resulting in efficient turn-around times while controlling costs for our clients.

We started The Seidel Group with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, metal parts and finishes. Our group consists of unique, passionate, technical and artistic professionals who strive to inspire.

We believe our work should speak for itself.

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Committed to Sustainability

Leader in developing environmentally safe anodizing technology

Seidel’s environmentally conscious philosophy is applied to designing processes that produce no hazardous waste. For example, most traditional vacuum degreasing systems use chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents (Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, etc...), which are toxic. Seidel instead uses non-halogenated solvents, which are friendly to the environment, hazardous waste free, and gentle on the parts.

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Sustainability in everything we do

At Seidel we have invested in a new 60,000 square foot facility that features solar panels. These panels will generate 1,000 Megawatts of energy each year. This new building is designed to be more efficient so that we can produce more while maintaining a lower footprint.

We seek to reduce our environmental footprint in every piece of our work. From investing in high efficiency machines to recycling acid and removing toxic materials from our processes.

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Real people, right in the USA

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