Sustainability starts with an attitude of preserving and avoiding and reducing wastefulness. It has to do with the materials we use and the processes we invent. This is a continuously evolving process and we strongly believe in it.

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Sustainability at the forefront: how Seidel is making a difference

Seidel is working very diligently at minimizing our footprint on the planet. Below are a few of the many things we do to protect the environment while improving the quality of the product at the same time.


  • Recycling of the oil
  • No Perchlor or Trichlor used in the anodizing degreaser
  • Seidel uses non-halogenated solvents, which are friendly to the environment, hazardous waste free, and gentle on the parts

Metal Forming

  • Aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality

Electro-polishing and Anodizing

  • No hazardous waste is produced
  • No copper used in the electro-polishing process
  • No nickel acetate in the sealing process

Sustainability is an attitude of continuously reducing our footprint on planet earth

Seidel will continue to invest in measure to improve efficiency and reduce our environmental footprint.

sustainable anodizing
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